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Medisorb P PLUS
Medisorb P PLUS

Medisorb P PLUS

Absorbent polyurethane dressing. Medisorb P PLUS is a simple, comfortable, sterile foam dressing.

Consists of:


Medisorb P PLUS is used to treat exudative wounds – including burns, post-operative wounds, lower leg ulcers caused by venous insufficiency and extensive post-traumatic injuries – and to dress pressure sores. This dressing is specially designed to quickly remove necrotic tissue and purulent exudate from all types of wounds.

Directions for use

Use strictly as directed in the package insert. Care should be taken to apply the dressing aseptically. Read the instructions for use before use. The dressing should be immobilized using products intended for this purpose. The porous surface of the dressing should be used in direct contact with the wound. The dressing should be changed within 1-5 days, depending on the morphology of the wound bed and the amount of exudate. In the case of a small amount of discharge from the wound, the dressing may dry out and stick to its surface. Then, when the dressing is changed, injuries, bleeding and pain may occur. To avoid this, moisten the dressing with saline before removing it.

Additional remarks

Do not use past the expiry date. The product is intended for single use only.


The dressing should not be applied to wounds with dry eschar or black necrosis. The dressing should not be used to stop haemorrhages or be applied to bleeding wounds.

Do not use the dressing together with ointments, creams, powders; with hypersensitivity of the skin to polyurethane foam; including disinfectants.

Available sizes

Medisorb P PLUS 10 x 10 cm

Sales package

Medisorb P PLUS package contains 5 pcs. 

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